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#85 - Andrew and Daphne discuss an often overlooked aspect of discipleship, and the implications of neglecting it.

#84 - Margaret answers the question, "When so many voices are capturing our attention and in a world of increasing turmoil, is it possible to hear God's voice, and if so how?"
www.HearingGodsVoiceUK.net  I  margaretcornell44@gmail.com  I  Mark Virkler: www.cwgministries.org
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#83 - Jake shares the heart of his book "Spiritual Prepping", and how we can spiritually prepare for the days ahead.
- Stand Firm  I  Stand Firm Kids
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#82 - Michael and David speak about the unfolding prophetic drama centered around Israel, including the valley of Jehoshaphat.
- Firm  I  IsraelU
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#81 - Why are people being hurt and overwhelmed with End Times teaching? Andrew and Daphne look at an apparent lack of focus on Biblical discipleship and the takeover of social media, etc., in preparing people in these last days!
- Issachar Network
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#80 - Philip shares about his journey in the prophetic, his concerns about the movement today, and gives advice for going forward.
- To Contact Philip Lye email: Info@G2gMandate.org
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#79 - Ben shares about the possibility of us all being able to have a HOPE-full New Year.
- Tikkun America
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#78 - Andrew and Daphne share how Radical Lifestyle podcasts have impacted them during the challenging year of 2020, with their thanks to listeners for helping to take Radical Lifestyle to over 45 nations.
- Issachar Network
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#77 - Helen speaks passionately about Exodus Cry and their campaign Traffickinghub, which has been taking on Pornhub, and it’s parent company Mindgeek, because of their exploitation of human trafficking and child abuse. Listen, be inspired, and take action.
- ExodusCry.com I Nefarious on YouTube I NY Times Article
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#76 - Yotam, a former Israel navy seal commander, now a clinical physiologist, shares compelling stories and principles from his new book “A Time to Kill, A Time to Heal: An Israeli Navy Seal’s Journey”.
- You can order Yotam's book on Amazon.
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#75 - What about the Abraham Accords? Are they all they seem? Is it good news? What is happening behind the scenes? This episode seeks to explore these questions. Don't miss it!
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#74 - Katharine talks about the importance of the Temple and Temple Mount, from a historical but also future perspective, especially in light of the Abraham Accords.
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#73 - Abbiih tells her story of overcoming, offering help and hope to others struggling with anxiety and identity.
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#72 - Howe Tung and Chuei Lian passionately share about their lives and vital work, across governments and nations, bringing transformation to marriages and families.
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#71 - David speaks with passion about the phrase "As in the days of Noah...", and the importance of community as days become increasingly difficult.
www.davidsliker.com I www.ihopkc.org I www.mikebickle.org
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#70 - Ann shares how she became a voice for those caught in sexual exploitation. “God gives me the energy and every day I can do it again. I am not working. It is my life. When God calls you, it is your life.”

#69 - Daniel reflects on fascinating elements of Islam's history, what we can learn from it, warnings the West needs to heed, the partnership between Islam and socialism, and the long term future of this alliance. This is both rifting and shocking.
www.Israelislamandendtimes.com I www.culturewarresource.com

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#68 - John's family are involved in mission, including to dangerous parts of the earth. Why do this? Why are they willing to put their lives on the line? This eye-opening episode will give you insight and at the same time, hopefully, "shock you."

#67 - Lisa speaks about her family's encounter with cancer and COVID, then engages passionately about issues surrounding President Donald Trump.
www.somebodycares.org I www.lisastringer.com

#66 - Stephanie shares about how you can have victory even through the strongest of storms.
www.stephaniehenderson.org I www.sheleadsministries.com

#65 - Michael Dickson and Dr. Naomi Baum share about their exciting and challenging book "Isresilience" which gives keys to resilience! Not only do they give a glimpse into the stories of Israelis who thrive against all odds, but also reveal life changing insight into how we too can be resilient in times like this.
www.standwithus.com I www.naomibaum.com I www.isresilience.com

#64 - Aaron engages us with disaster preparedness as we share about our own life experiences, how we can learn from them as well as resetting our priorities as we plan ahead.

#63 - Cody vulnerably shares his journey through ‘the dark night of his soul,’ and finding light at the end of the tunnel. When so many are struggling, may his journey be an encouragement to you. You are not alone.
www.fieldsofwheat.org I www.reviveisrael.org

#62 - Jennie inspires and challenges as she shares about how she raised her four boys, with clarity of vision to prepare them to stand strong in today's world.

#61 - Don's inspirational episode gives keys to being prepared for the end times, and what our perspective should be.

#60 - Libby talks about Thailand, the Beginnings Foundation which helps women and girls caught in the sex trade, and their annual Christmas parties during Covid.

#59 - Daniel, an emerging leader, shares about the impact his father has had, and continues to have on his life as he leads through the shaking.

#58 - Michelle engages in a conversation about being a woman in ministry. Her approach is refreshing, insightful, honoring and full of wisdom for men and women alike.
www.celebrationchurch.org I michelleg@celebrationchurch.org

#57 - Brendon and Cathie have a wealth of experience in reaching children. They give a wake up call about the potential and importance of intentionality in raising, equipping and inspiring them for the return of the King.

#56 - Noam and Deborah speak engagingly about the times we're living in, and their own story of how a Ninja found his Messiah!

#55 - Rudy has over 25 military honors, including the Defense Meritorious Service Medal for his direct involvement in the rescue of the Maersk Alabama’s Capt. Philips. He speaks engagingly about his roots in Lebanon, where he has ended up today, and his work with persecuted people around the world.

#54 - Paul, Lead Pastor of Victory in Tulsa, Oklahoma speaks with us about amazing things God is doing during this challenging time, and the impact of the generations within his own life.

#53 - David, a leader at the International House of Prayer in Kansas City, gives us a glimpse into his inspiring and challenging new book "The Nations Rage".

#52 - Mark, an Independent Executive Director with The John Maxwell Team, speaks about the values of leadership, leading others, and leading yourself. As a highly experienced coach, consultant and trainer, his wisdom and experience will inspire you.

#51 - Justin speaks about his journey to and on the platform as a worship leader, as we reflect on ours as speakers, and what we all learnt along the way.

#50 - Jonathan speaks about the challenges of life, God's perception of them, and how they shape us for what's to come.
Global Day Of Prayer And Worship - www.ndopw.co.uk
City Chapel - www.citychapel.org.uk

#49 - Wayne speaks with us about the on going battle over the city of Jerusalem and what the implications are for the future.
King of Kings Ministries - https://kkm.network
FIRM - https://firm.org.il

#48 - Andrew and Daphne talk about how the word "yes" took them around the world, and continues to move them forward.

#47 - Joel speaks about the Middle East and the End Times.

#46 - Kristal an ex dominatrix speaks about whether BDSM is as harmless as films like 50 shades lead us to believe.

#45 - Isaias speaks about how we can prepare the next generation for the years ahead.

#44 - Dan and Nori speak about raising your children with a solid foundation in Christ, and it’s importance for their lives in navigating the years ahead of them.

#43 - Clarice speaks about how lockdown has impacted child abuse, with many children locked at home with their abusers, and the huge task ahead to combat this issue and bring healing and hope.

#42 - Sean speaks about the heart of discipleship, what he sees happening on the streets of America and how God is moving during these times of shaking.

#41 - Giles speaks about pressing on when going through hard times, and where we can find hope while going through them.

#40 - Doug points us back to the only place that will matter as this age winds up, the cross.

#39 - Andrew and Daphne from Generation 2 generation talk about this hidden testimony and the staggering implications of not releasing it.

#38 - David from the International House Of Prayer in Kansas City, speaks about how we can understand and respond in times of crisis.

#37 - Years of faithfulness and fruitfulness are an inspiration to the generations following Dr. Ralph Neighbour.

#36 - Andrea sounds an alarm to the church, giving challenging insight into the current situation facing it today.


#35 - Sherrie speaks about what the Isaiah 19 Highway is, why it is increasingly important and what it has to do with the unfolding Biblical narrative for the Middle East.

#34 - Andrew and Daphne address the question, "God, Ministry, Family: what's the order of priority?" This question has caused pain around the world. They explore why, and what the answer is.


#33 - Josiah speaks about his family legacy, his father’s death, and the generations that have followed now impacting the nations.


#32 - Katherine speaks on Ezekiel 36, especially relating to the Biblical Heartland of Judea and Samaria and the Isaiah 19 Highway.


#31 - Ron gives and update on Shelanu.tv and his thoughts on responding to opposition.


#30 - Dr. Michael Brown speaks about seeing a moral, cultural and spiritual revolution, and the impact today.

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#29 - Guilherme Schelb speaks about the impact of socialism in Brazil and his fight against child abuse.

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#28 - Kameel speaks about where we can find hope during the current culture wars.

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#27 - Bob Willumsen speaks with us about leadership, giving helpful tips to navigate these challenging times. He's a speaker, trainer, and coach with the John Maxwell Team.


#26 - Joel talks about how he went from church planting in South America to cell church guru, and differences he sees between churches thriving and those struggling during these challenging times.

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#25 - John talks to us about his prophetic words that have spread rapidly around the world, and his thoughts on prophecy generally.
Prophetic Words Pt 1: Click Here / Pt 2: Click Here


#24 - Peter talks about discipleship and adjusting to the times we're living in.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#23 - Steven talks about the challenges faced by Jewish communities today and how we can support them.
Magen David Adom website: www.mdauk.org


#22 - Bryanna talks to us about her experience in homeschooling and what the benefits are, especially in today's world.
Home Life Academy website: www.HomeLifeAcademy.com


#21 - We talk with Charlotte about issues surrounding racism, antisemitism, and what her perspective is on the tearing down of history using modern-day thought.
For more information on the StandWithUs Crash Course, email: charlottek@standwithus.com

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#20 - Becky speaks about the legacy of her father, who left the USA for Brazil, and how his vision and passion continue through 3 generations of his family, and into the nations.

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#19 - Joma, who is currently running for the Iowa House Of Representatives, speaks about racism and how we can move forward from this current unrest. When the phrase "black lives matter" is used, it is not referring to the movement itself, but the reality that black people are valuable and do matter.

#18 - Scott joins us as we talk about going through wilderness experiences and the outpouring of The Spirit.

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#17 - Charlotte from StandWithUs joins us as we talk about Zionism, compassion, Israel, and the Jewish people and how we can be supportive in these days.

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#16 - Matthias talks about his research into trust from a cross-cultural perspective in the corporate world, and how these principles apply to our personal lives.


#15 - Brian, a writer for the Jerusalem Post, joins us as we talk about antisemitism during COVID-19, conspiracy theories, and what he sees happening going forward.

#14 - Katie talks about her radio program "Sex In The Inner City", researching the effects of prostitution in her community, and her discovery of its links to human trafficking.
"Sex In The Inner City" Program: Click Here


#13 - Chris talks about his dying, coming back to life, discipleship, and what he feels God is saying about the years ahead.

Rumble Version Click Here  I  YouTube Version Click Here

#12 - Jonathan joins us to talk about his experiences from homeschooling to Worldview Academy, International Travel to breaking glass and spilt sugar.


#11 - What have the affects of the world going into quarantine had on human trafficking?
Websites we reference:


#10 - A story from one of our trips to a freezing Russia.


#9 - A conversation with Dinesh about persecution and the emerging generation in India.
To contact Dinesh email us here: Info@G2gMandate.org


#8 - Our time doing Tsunami Relief in Thailand provided us with many stories. Here are a few of them.


#7 - Why is it important to keep our focus during times of upheaval?


#6 - What can we learn from Moses and Joshua to help us prepare for the years ahead?


#5 - How can we come out winning in every situation?


#4 - During times of uncertainty, where can we focus?


#3 - An interview with Dinesh about what he is doing to reach the unreached.
To contact Dinesh email us here: Info@G2gMandate.org


#2 - Here is an update from Operation Open Eyes, our anti-human trafficking initiative.


#1 - A quick update from England having just returned from America during global unrest.